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The US Gov Mint is a long trusted company in the service of providing coin collectors everywhere, whether hobbyists or those looking to secure solid investments for their future, with the most valuable acquisitions that can be had in the world of numismatics (coin collecting). Besides their years of quality service (established 25 years ago, in 1984), they are also strictly regulated by the most scrutinous eyes of such organizations as the American Numismatic Association, the Better Business bureau, the Counsil of Tangible Assets, and others. They are required by law and regulation to provide all of the proper legal documentations of authenticity with each acquisition as needed, and they do so, and have always done so, quite diligently. You will find that the US Gov Mint is in the top of the industry as far as business practices and dutiful trust.

Another aspect which sets the US Gov Mint apart from others is their brilliant diversity of variety of their wares that they offer the coin collecting public. From the old, ancient and valuably rare, to the culturally significant and commemorative, and even the intriguingly significant unique oddities of specimens found through the US Gov Mint, you will find any and all that will slake the insatiable thirsts of even the most demanding of numismatic tastes. Newly issued releases, exceedingly limited mints for the foreknowledge of the privileged few, ancient finds from shipwrecks recently uncovered, rare finds from auctions and long mysterious and forgotten safe deposit boxes and vaults, all and more are offered by the US Gov Mint.

 Those who sign up for exclusive memberships, are also privy to foreknowledge of these and similar subjects, as many investors and enthusiasts alike are wont to know of such matters – just another service that they provide. Even the mere casual visitor to their site can benefit from the amount of historical and cultural information that is provided on each uniquely valuable piece. Having been in the business for at least a quarter of a century, US Gov Mint has also attained certain privileges of their own… they often have the first grabs at many certain releases of valuable coinage, and even interesting finds along the lines of old and rare paper currency of various denominations.

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Now, the US Gov Mint isn’t an elitist, secret society of numismatics – after all, they even have valuable items to offer the beginning coin collector. Uncirculated Eisenhower silver dollars, old and rare Morgan silvers, and even inexpensive bulk packages of silver Mercury dimes, buffalo head nickels, wheat-back pennies and much, much more. You can find everything from high end investment items, to inexpensive collector’s items, all of an undeniable amount of real, genuine value. Even if you are interested in uncut sheets of two dollar bills, or stock certificates in the old Marconi Wireless company. If the US Gov Mint has it, you can be assured of this equation; significance + age/history + rarity/uniqueness + value = something they offer in the lines of collector’s interests and solid investment value.


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